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Japanese Restaurant



We opened Hanamizuki Japanese Restaurant in 2004 with one goal in mind: giving our guests a unique, delicious, and unforgettable experience. The restaurant reflects our passion for Japanese cuisine and our menu offers traditional and innovative dishes, from small to large size to suit individual needs, skillfully cooked to perfection. Everything is made on premise - no short cuts. The dishes can be shared within groups in a traditional way, or have on your own. Come in and join us today!

"Hands down my all time favourite Japanese restaurant, been a regular for the past 1O plus years, it never disappoints the food is fantastic, great favours & the sizzling prawns are a stand out dish with the famous secret sauce. Relaxed dining & a crowd pleaser. Will keep coming back each time I visit & my friends love our catch up & the delicious food. Wish we could transport this restaurant to the bay. 10/10 to Patrick the owner."

Debbie Bailey

"Awesome food, great customer service and very high skill chef, for a busy night, highly recommended."

Yoana Beltran

"We have been coming to Hanamizuki regularly for 16+ years since it has been open, the food is world class, exquisite! Our favourite Restaurant! We have family who come from Australia, Auckland and Croatia who come to this Restaurant and always want to come back!"

Rebecca Hunt


Visit Us

Tuesday - Saturday: 5.00pm - close

Monday - Sunday: Open for large reservations only

Open for lunch upon requests

Open for Valentine's Day

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